Igbo people from eastern Nigeria origin of our community heritage and villages dated back to an Island in South China Sea called Java Island  the name is Borobudur reason we call our village in Igbo Obodo  is a word drive from Buddha the principal owner of the pyramid structure in the Island of Java that is associated with great cosmic knowledge about Sailendra Dynasty that existed in 8th-9th century BC.


The pyramid structure  has a awesome link to Igbo eastern Nigeria deities on knowledge into how volcano erupts and the molten magma that molded red hot substance similar to la-trite sand commonly found in eastern Nigeria soil texture.

The real time the first volcano was formed when the early human has little knowledge about monolithic rock presently call comet,asteroid or meteor which Borobudur Templar debased as list level of reincarnation though we wait for being that will reincarnate back to earth as we sought Haven so they seek for earth and how they will be ripped soul on earth.

The author of evil was the anvil man,who molded the knife, and sword used to cut things in early years of human existence was able to see light from burning bush ,and picked stones caste iron as a kind of formation molten magma formed physical landscape this is part of Java island myth connected to Jaffa in Israel not as Palestine mandate territory.

Where early migration took place and the Ship from Sailendra  as Sanhedrin was packed in Turkey a significant edifice about Igbo patriarch called King Jaja of Opobo who got his name from King Java of  Obodo due permutation of names associated to desire,form and formless on the steps to Borobudur pyramid  but dialogues with British Navy about the ship and route for palm oil produce on Bonny Island near Bight of Biafra where Biara in Borobudur  is Viara not Viagra associated to deity of sex  the nomenclature are used in Jewish Kabala as Bara.


That is the source of alcohol the daughters of the anvil man took  reason Borobudur names for Agricultural things was called Botanical name the palm tree was Lianas as Lies because wine made people to lie when on stupa as stupor .The words are reason we say Mpu as abomination there are Mpu a word about proclamation in Borobudur reason there was Ahiara declaration in Eastern Nigeria 1967 war as Biara and Viara.

Our heritage as Ndi Igbo in Borobodur extends to the Indonesia Java Island plain valley of Kedu valley which means Hi as Height of the mountain also a greeting slang  in our Igbo culture.


Details written by,

Nzewi Uchenna


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